Teaching Treaty Education

How can I be confident with teaching treaty education?

I have learned a lot about Indigenous content during my Indigenous 100 course. I have also learned much about treaty education in treaty workshop and treaty Ed camp. I think I still have much to learn as I do not feel confident in teaching treaty education. I have learned a theory but haven’t taken them into action so that why I don’t feel confident.

To feel confident in teaching Indigenous content, I need more time and experience. I need to put the theory into action. I also need to incorporate Indigenous content in my lesson plan and unit plan as much as possible. I need to thoroughly read through the Treaty Education curriculum and TRC, then put that knowledge into practice.


I think the biggest barrier would be that not all Canadian consider themselves as treaty people so it would be challenging to teach them.  I know I will not be able to do this on my own, and that lack of support will most definitely be a challenge. Some people are exposed to the stereotypes about Indigenous people and they believe what the media says, so they might not have interest in learning about Indigenous content.

I am the barrier:

I had no idea about the indigenous people until I learned in Indigenous studies.  I heard of some stereotype about Indigenous people, but I did not believe in them as for me all people are the same and we only have different culture to recognize each other. I believe that no one culture is better than the other.

Being a new Canadian citizen, I may not be able to confidentially teach Indigenous content. My lack of experience and knowledge will be another factor for not including treaty content.

How can I prepare myself to teach treaty education:

I need to have the necessary skills, supports, and resources to teach students about the residential school system. I will start by looking at resources to use for the classroom. I will also put more time and effort into participating in events like treaty education. I will look for more experiential and interactive strategies (like narrative, role play, art based learning) that engage students in this material in rich ways.


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