Post Pre- internship Reflection

I had a great pre-internship at Arcola Community school. I was in grade 7/8 classroom. I prepared a Math unit which was about decimals and operation of decimals. The first day I went to the school, I discussed my planning for three weeks with my coop teacher. I was told that I would be teaching to only grade 7 students and there were only six grade 7 students. I was not happy because I would not get an experience I needed. But I was also happy because I needed to teach only six students and it was easy.

I taught Math four days a week for three weeks. It was easy and very difficult to teach Math. My plan was to teach Math without using calculator, but the students did not know how to do long division and multiplication, etc. without calculator. It was also hard to include Indigenous content in Math, but I tried to include it in my word problems.

I requested a whole class lesson plan because I wanted to see myself where I am now and what I need to improve on. Then on the second week my advisor also said that if I could teach a lesson to both grade 7 and 8 because he wanted to see me in front of the whole class. I prepared a social study lesson which was about immigration policies and how they changed over time. It went well.

In literacy lesson, students were divided into groups. I was assigned to two groups. I would read with them and asked questions about the content. It was a great experience to see how to teach literacy. We were get involved in other lessons and in outside of classroom activities. We went to other classrooms just to see how other teacher teach and students learn.

First Nation Content

Students have started learning about Indian Act, residential schools and Indigenous content. We walked to the museum one day and spent two three hours. It was great to walk with students and see them and their behavior outside of the classroom. All the students were good and did not misbehave. I enjoyed watching 8th Fire with students. 8th Fire is about the history of treaties, Indian act and residential schools. One of our student was in one episode of this 8th Fire series. I did not watch that one yet, but I will watch that.

Our coop teacher was very helpful and supportive. She gave us some good advice of how we can be prepared for internship and what we can do during internship.  The other staff members were also very helpful and supportive. We got some residential school resources and other resources for the staff. I am thankful for all the support and help.


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