After Meeting

I had a meeting today with Mike. We discussed the questions and I shared my own experiences.  This is an example of why we need to teach treaty education and about residential schools.

Imagine you are walking in the forest to reach a specific destination. While you are walking, in the middle you realized that the path to the destination is wrong. What would you do? The first thing to do is to acknowledge that the distance you already traveled was wrong. Then you go back and look for the right path and start from the beginning again. But if you do not acknowledge that the path is wrong or the distance you already traveled was right, then you will never change and never reach your right destination. The same thing is true for treaty education and residential schools. If you don’t acknowledge what happened in the past was wrong, then how can you change? There are some people who say that what happened in residential school was totally right because the intension was good which was just to educate Indigenous people. Some other say that forget the past and start from now.  If there is no other way, you must go back and start from the beginning. We want good relationship with Indigenous people and for that we need to acknowledge the truth of the past and to teach others so that we can reach our goal which is having good relationship with Indigenous people.


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