Lesson Planning

We had to make a lesson plan in our class. Our modified indicator was good when brought up at another day which was comparing colonization with current immigration. It was simple and did not have to include lots of information.  Going through the process it seems difficult to teach both the treaty outcome and Saskatchewan curriculum outcome. I usually think that my lesson plan is smooth and very clear, but I realized with this experience that it is not. It is challenging and it does not matter how much you know, you will still find it challenging. It is also important to include treaty outcome and they must match outcome from Saskatchewan curriculum.

I have learned the importance of modified indicator which exactly shows which part of the indicator you are teaching and what you will be doing in your activity.  It is not always easy to modify each indicator into a good modified indicator.  in  It was helpful to work together and share ideas. We respected each other ideas. Overall, it was a good learning experience to make a group lesson plan



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