Day 8 Reflection

Today was the last day of my pre-internship at Arcola community school. Last week my lesson was about food labels, so I thought it would be better to teach another lesson that goes along with that. Today I taught a lesson about nutrients. We played kahoot in the beginning just to see how much they remember from last lesson and how much they already know about today’s lesson. Our students love playing kahoot, therefore I tried to make it as a diagnostic assessment. I explained different nutrients, sources of nutrients and how much you need. Then I distributed some food packets and I asked them to read food labels and nutrients. They had to analyze the amount of each nutrient and then decide if that food is healthy or unhealthy. At the end of the lesson students asked if they could play kahoot again because they had competition to get high points. I also let them play because I wanted to see how are they doing this time. They did well. At the end of the day I gave students their marks along with some feedback. Marks were based on their participation, behavior and worksheets.

My target was about different strategies like classroom management, speaking loudly, engaging students, etc.  There were only two students talking during the lesson. They also just went back and lied down on sofa in the beginning of the lesson. I went and asked them what was wrong and I would appreciate if they could come to their spots. They did not respond to me while I was waiting for their response. Then my coop teacher told them to just go to your spot. They suddenly came to their spots. They were talking  during the whole lesson, but not disrupting other learning. I also reminded them to stop talking many times.They were kind of trouble makers the whole day even in other lessons.

We helped students with their Math questions. They were solving linear equations. The principal and one police officer came in the afternoon to our classroom. The officer was talking about bullying and the consequences of bullying. One of our students got suspended because he took a snapshot of another girl in same classroom and then posted it on social media. That student was absent today, but the other students can get the message and understand the consequences of bullying.

Overall, I had a great day and I am happy that it is done now. I have learned and experienced lots of new things during the whole semester.I got control over students and now I can manage them. I also have good relationship with most of the students. If I had to teach the lesson again, I would do something differently. The one things I would change is that I would distribute food packets before, so the students can read and analyze while I am explaining it. I would also add treaty education. Instead of me reading the whole point, I will do parrot reading which is like you ask students to read the power point for you. I will also use remote mouse because I am moving around and it takes time to get to the front for changing slides.


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