Day 7 Reflection

I had another great day with those lovely students. In the morning time, we helped students with their Math questions. They had to do prime factorization and then to find greatest common factor. They also had to find least common multiple. Then my partner taught a lesson about water pollution. All students were quiet and nice. There were only two students they were kind of talkative during the whole day but still were not disruptive.

I taught a lesson about food labels. Most of the students had some knowledge about the topic. I showed a video and explain how to read food labels and nutrition facts. Then I provided a work sheet which has baked potato nutrition facts and French fries. Students had to compare and then decide which one is healthy. I also provided some food packets and asked students to read ingredients and nutrition facts and then compare. They wanted to eat. I told them if they like they can eat them at the end of the lesson, but my coop teacher said that  we would leave them for next week.

If I have to teach the lesson again, I will do some changes. I will provide multiple food packets of similar kinds. Students will need to compare and find the difference. I will also explain negative and positive  impacts of fat, cholesterol and sugar, etc.


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