Museum Field Trip

Going to the Royal Museum in Regina was a good opportunity to learn more about and experience the history of Aboriginal people in Canada and to incorporate some of the experiences and learning in the future classroom. The main purpose of the trip to the museum was to learn authentic experiences of the First Nation exhibit. When I entered to the museum and I saw First nation displays, my first impression was more like to be in the spiritual world of Aboriginal people. I also noticed something which I think is not corrected. This was all about the Aboriginal history but I did not see any Aboriginal language provided for information. I understand that English is one of national languages but just imagine if an Aboriginal child come to museum and does not understand English how he would know that all the stuff are about Indigenous people and cultures. They should have used English as translation of the Aboriginal languages. From this experience, I realized the significance and importance of field trips for students.

I think field trip can be used as an inquiry project in different subjects like science, arts and history etc. The trip can be a focused, directed and authentic learning experience that encourages students to engage with lots of resources the museum offers. Before going to museum students can be encouraged to look deeply at artifacts and think about the meaning and representation of artifacts.Instead of just filling worksheets, students can do reflection about the museum. They can also  have discussion about the display of Indigenous culture. The most important fact about authentic learning is that it is forever and that students love it and they want some change in their everyday routine. I think this is a good way to get to know what the museum offers and what kinds of questions would be appropriate for the exhibits in the museum.

Students will remember what they learn from a work of art. They can choose a work of art of their own interest and make a project about the analysis and meaning of that piece. Field trip is the best way of developing critical thinking as students use more observations and inferences about the displays and artwork. Students are better able to imagine a situation unlike their own in the form of historical empathy. Field trips are not only memorable, but students are also able to get outside of the classroom and to get a hands-on and authentic experiences that they would not get anywhere else. Going on a trip to museum changes students mind.  It is important for learning.



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