Day 6 Reflection


Today was another great day at school. Our coop teacher was back from her trip to Mexico. I taught a lesson about food chain and food webs which went very well. I asked some question to review students’ prior knowledge. Then I explained and presented some examples. I had a video for food webs. I provided some examples of organisms and asked for some volunteer to come and make food chain and food web on white board. I asked students for help and they did great job. I am grateful for their respect. It was morning time so all students were quiet and nice. They were behaving nicely and were engaged in the lesson. I had a kahoot and students love that. My classmate also joined kahoot and one student told her that she was not supposed to play kahoot with them. It was funny and all students laughed.

We also helped students during Math lesson. They had to do a kind of assessment after the lesson. I like that the teacher used the word assessment instead of a test. She did not tell them that it was a test, although it was a test. Some students get nervous when they hear the word test. They might have test anxiety. I think the language does matter in this case and we have to understand that.

After recess some students were baking cookies in the afternoon. They have parents’ conference on Friday. They will sell those cookies on that day.  We were just supervising and then we had free cookies. We went to the classroom and then one student came and told the teacher that they burned some of the cookies. The teacher said that “it is ok, things happen in life”. Some students painted those images and they are wonderful.

Students had a substitute teacher for French class. This was his first day, so in staff room other teacher were asking him about his day and about students’ behavior. He said students were ok except that “one girl with long hair who is sitting in the middle.  She was sleeping in whole class period”. The other teacher said “oh he is a boy not a girl”. This is same kind of mistake I made at my first day.

Overall, I had a great day. I feel more confident and comfortable in school. I have control over students. I also have relationship with other staff members. My coop teacher told me that other teachers are using some of my lessons. I am happy that my lesson are worth enough that other can use them. If I had to teach a lesson again, I will do the same. The only thing I will do is to change my speaking volume. I tried to speak loudly, but still some students were sitting in the back and they might have difficulties hearing me.


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