Day 5 Reflection

Today was a kind of day that everyone looks unhappy about Donald Trump win. Our class has a sub-teacher for the whole week and he is a great teacher. He has control over students and do not let them misbehave. In the morning, we had Remembrance Day assembly. This was my first time attending assembly. I like the way students spoke and read poems. They were very nice. Two students from our class were involved in speaking about and inviting other students for different activities. They were very confident and active.

My lesson was OK and it was about classification of organisms in ecosystem. I had a power point and kahoot just for the diagnostic assessment to see how much they already know about the topic. I present the power point and then ask students to complete the worksheets. At the time of my lesson, they had no computers and because of that we did not play kahoot. Also we did have time to play, the recess was just started at the time.  I also had planned a brain break, but due to limited time I did not do that. Even though I did not complete all the activities I had planned, the lesson was still Ok. The main objective of the lesson was to understand the classification of organisms. The rest of activities like brain break were just for fun. Students were excited for long weekend and it was hard for me to handle them.

If I had to do lesson again, I will do the same lesson. The only thing is I will need is a little bit of more time to do all the activities. I did not stay in front of the class, but I moved around and ask questions. There were two students in the far back and I asked them to come and sit close, but they refused. I should have moved back during the lesson and see if they were engaged.  I think this is one way to tackle the talking situation is to move and stand closely to those students who are talking.


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