Laura Budd’s Presentation

I enjoyed Laura presentation. It was very inspirational presentation. She was an open minded and seems like not caring about what other people think of her which is a good thing, just to be yourself. This is a complex topic and I do not have much knowledge about it, however I am trying to learn more about this topic just by researching not by asking someone.

It is sad that we usually do not even think about how these people are going through lots of challenges in their lives. They might not share with other because of the fear they have. They might have to lose their family and other relative which is very hurtful.  We have fixed our cultural rules and it is very hard for some people to break those rules. We also punish for breaking cultural rules.

I like what she said that “the biggest challenge of life is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else”.  We need to create inclusive classrooms and communities where everyone is being welcomed without discrimination based on color, gender and race. We are all human and we need to be human. We also need to use affirming names and not use pronouns like he or she.


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