Day 4 Lesson Reflection

Today was my fourth day of pre-internship. In the morning our coop teacher discussed some rules for having cell phone in the school. Students are not allowed to have their cell phone every time. They only can use in the classroom for a specific reason like calculator in Math class. Some students had misbehaved to the sub teacher they had the day before. Our coop teacher discussed that with students without pointing to the student. She is really nice and she wants the same respect from students for other teachers as she expect for herself.  Then we went on a Try a Trade to Campus Regina Public. Students were presented a variety of trade opportunities. They were shown different kinds of skills which they can use in their future life. The skills include changing a tire in automotive, wire a doorbell in electrical, painting nails, practicing make up, adhering a carpet to the floor and graphic designing and much more. We had been there until lunch time.

My lesson went well today and it was about ecological foot print.  I explained what the ecological foot print is and then talk about average Canadian foot print. I also talked about how different countries are different in their average foot print because of the availability of resources. I asked students to fill in their personal foot print and then compare with other student. Most of the students were surprised at their result. Some students were higher than the average Canadian foot print which is 22 acres. I showed a video which was about how our generation blame the past generation but they did not have that plastics, and waste production and energy wasting, etc. At the end of the lesson, I asked students how they can reduce their foot print. They brainstorm some ideas and then they had to choose one thing that they would do differently when get home today. One says he will reuse the clothes and other said she will not run water while brushing her teeth.

Few students in our class just abstained from participating in our lesson activities.  During my lesson, I went close and asked them again and again if they needed help. They said that they were OK and did not need help. However they did not seemed to be working at that time. At the end of the lesson I checked out their worksheets and they had completed them. I really wanted them to complete worksheets because without that the lesson would be worthless.

Overall the day went well and I feel more comfortable in classroom and in school. If I had to teach the lesson again, I would do the same. I believe my lesson went well and it was a good lesson. I asked lots of questions and got really good answers. I went around the classroom to make sure all students are engaged.   The only thing I need to really work on is my classroom management skills.






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