Week 3 Science Lesson Reflection

I had a great day with this young adolescents at Arcola Community school. I taught a lesson about ecological organization of life. We played kahoot before just to know how much students already know about the topic. They did well on that. We also played a little game to represent to organization in real situation. I also present power point to support visual learners. My target was giving instruction in different ways. I tried to support all students in their own learning ways. Some students were sitting in the back and they might have difficulty hearing me. I did tried to speak loudly so all students can hear me. I also went around the class and even asked those students multiple times whether they hear me or not. They said yes “we can hear you”. My lesson went very well and I can say this because I checked the exit slips which was a short quiz and most of the students did well on that.

Students are great, but some of them are trouble makers. They just do not want to participate in our activities. I do not know the reasons for that. I asked them why they do not want and they just said they are not interested in it.  We do not know in what kind of activities they interested in. I think it may be because of relationship as we just go one day a week.

During math lesson there was one student and he was talking continuously, not with some else but just making noise. The teacher told him many times to stop making noise, but he was not listening. Then the teacher said that he needed to get out of the class. He replied “why me” and refused to go out. The other teacher was trying to convince him to get out at that time. I think it sometime more difficult to manage students.One thing I learned from this experience is that we need to warn misbehaving student multiple times before punishing them. Sometime it is also ok to punish a student for misbehaving a lot. If that student is still misbehaving , then there must be some reasons behind it and we need to further investigate those reasons. By the way we were moving around the class and helping students with their math questions. They were doing ratios and converting that into percent. I am also learning Math with these students by helping them.

If I have to teach the lesson again, I will ask those students who were sitting back to come closer, so it will be easier to hear my vioce. I will also try hard to speak louder. The other thing I did wrong was I wrote the pattern of organization on whiteboard and did not erase it. The exit slip was a short quiz about the organization. Some students might have used that information. I won’t do that again. I also made a mistake by telling that assessment was not for marks. Some of the students had heard me not all of them, however I suddenly changed my statement that it was for marks. Because students are not interested in kind of assessment which is not for marks.  I understand that formative assessment is for learning and not for grades, but I wanted students to do the best and apply their knowledge and what they have learned from the lesson.

Overall, I had a great day and thankfully my second real lesson is done now. Looking forward for next week lesson.






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